We thought long and hard about this, and so should you: it is crucial that you find a lawyer you can work in partnership with at what may be the most challenging time in your life. Saying that we are great lawyers is not enough, we realise you expect that from any lawyer.

FLC started because we want to do law differently. We don’t have a vision, that’s a cliché, but practically how we work as lawyers and how that informs our work for you is vital. We are determined to build a method which breaks from the orthodox and embraces what people want from their lawyer.

We will be innovative and challenging in our approach to acting for you because we believe this produces an outcome you can live with, but not at the cost of what you value most.

We will always offer realistic advice, not promise the earth- that may not be possible. FLC will provide you with the professional legal support you need at a very challenging time, and enable you to move on with your life.

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