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Many complain about the effect of a messy divorce, the stresses and challenges this poses to the family post separation.  But let’s take a look back in history and see how dispute resolution between husbands and wives was dealt with in the Middle Ages.  According to Instagram ., in Germany it appears that historically a more direct approach was taken by spouses. Seemingly husbands and wives could fight in a marital duel to legally settle their disputes.

This was not a level playing field: the man had to fight in a hole with one arm tied behind his back (note: we still hear that refrain today), while the woman was allowed to move freely within the arena but had to wear cloth containing weights.  Usually, the wife was armed with a sack filled with rocks, while her husband was provided with three clubs. However, if he touched the side of the hole during combat, he had to forfeit one of his clubs.

Married couples were usually given a month or two to settle their differences prior to combat. The duel would only take place if they could not compromise and make peace with each other. If the husband lost the duel, he would have his head cut off. If the wife lost the duel, she would be buried alive.

Thankfully, we have found better ways of resolving disputes since then. Whilst the current recourse through the courts for separating couples is not without its problems (and it can often feel like you have one hand tied behind your back), there are alternative forums and with reliable support and advice, you and your ex can make it through your separation and reach a financial settlement, or agree appropriate arrangements for your children, without killing each other.

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